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Learn a little more about the history of the firm, our processes and philosophy

Founded over two decades ago, Leaf, Ferreira, de Araujo, LLC represents domestic and multinational corporations and other organizations that employ foreign nationals temporarily or permanently. The firm also represents talented individuals and business professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and investors who have decided to start a business, buy a business, franchise, or explore business opportunities in this country.

Foreign Investment & Business Immigration

Leaf, Ferreira, de Araujo, LLC tailors its representation for each client by addressing specific factors and needs. Based on our in-depth knowledge of U.S. immigration laws, practices and policies, our firm evaluates clients’ goals and expectations, and facilitates an appropriate course of action to file the proper petition and/or application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or pertinent U.S. Consulate.

Our firm enjoys an excellent record of successfully analyzing individuals’ credentials and formulating the appropriate strategy to expeditiously realize their ambition to enter the United States and contribute valued skills to the economy as a non-immigrant. Moreover, our informed judgment affords us the ability to evaluate the best process to achieve permanent residency for those wishing for immigrant status. (“Green Card”)

Finally, Leaf, Ferreira, de Araújo, LLC provides quality and customized services to clients in an objective, dedicated manner and with clear and direct communication.