Investor Visas / E-2 – EB5 Visas

Investor Visa/E-2 & EB5 Visas

As an investor, you are likely wishing to come to the United States on the basis of for-profit activity. At Leaf, Ferreira, de Araujo, LLC, we have vast experience helping investors fulfill their specific needs by obtaining both immigrant and non-immigrant status in the United States.

With combined experience spanning decades, we have been providing our skills to entrepreneurs with varying interests. Our team of multilingual business immigration attorneys is committed to representing clients on a personalized level. We offer outstanding and dedicated legal guidance to individuals in need of assistance obtaining either immigrant or nonimmigrant residence in the United States through an investor visa.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has created E2 – EB5 visas for the purpose of stimulating the U.S. economy through the creation of new jobs and capital investment by foreign investors

EB-5 Visas

EB-5 investors will need to invest in a new commercial enterprise. This commercial enterprise will need to meet specific qualifications and must be a for-profit organization.

E2 Visas

E2 visas are the primary visa for investors. Currently, there is no annual cap. This visa is issued for a 2 or 5-year period and can be renewed as long as the investor is actively running the business.

What is the Minimum Investment for EB5 Visas?

For EB-5 visas, the minimum investment required for “targeted employment areas” is $500,000. This includes most regional center projects. Targeted areas are considered rural or geographical areas that have an unemployment rate of at least 150% of the national average rate. For investments that are outside of this area, the minimum amount will likely be $1 million. It is important to understand your specific situation so that you can make sure you are prepared to invest properly.

Benefits of Each Visa

Are There Certain Benefits Involved in E2 Visas

When employees have an E2 visa, they get to enjoy certain privileges and benefits. Some of these include the ability to travel freely in and out of the U.S. during the time of their visa, the ability to bring their dependents, spouse, or accompanying relatives with them while in the U.S.


Furthermore, the spouse may be allowed to work in the states during your stay. The employee also gets to stay on a prolonged basis with unlimited extensions, so long as they still meet the E2 qualifications.

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Our legal practice includes the representation and overseeing of arrangements for immigration on behalf of international businesses seeking to invest in the U.S. We have represented hundreds of foreign investors and other individuals who are in need of quality legal assistance through the business immigration process.


Our business immigration team has unique experience and ability with EB-5 investment visas. We have assisted with the creation and management of Regional Centers that are there to perform specific job-generating projects. Contact us today!