Extraordinary Ability / EB1 & O Visas

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As you pursue permanent residence in the United States as a person of extraordinary ability, our business immigration lawyers can help you achieve this status. We have more than 30 years of combined experience helping individuals persuasively demonstrate that they possess extraordinary ability.

As dedicated business immigration lawyers, we take every necessary step to achieve a positive result on behalf of our clients. We travel to meet with clients from around the world.

Are You An Individual Extraordinary Ability?

Two different types of visas are available to individuals with extraordinary abilities: the O-1A visa and the EB-1 visa. During a case assessment, we can help you determine which route to pursue. The O visa category is for persons who are in various fields, including science, arts, education, business, and athletics.

O-Visa Broken Down Into:

- O-1As for persons with extraordinary ability in the above fields and
- O-1Bs are specifically for persons working in motion picture or TV production with a record of extraordinary achievement.
The EB-1 visa is available to immigrants who can evidence that they are at the top of their field of endeavor. It is available to individuals who are in nearly any profession or career.

Can An O Visa Be Extended?

Yes. In order to extend an O-1 visa, you must apply for what is known as an extension of stay. If you are approved, you can be granted an extension in one year increments, plus 10 additional days to arrange your personal affairs as necessary. You can only be granted this extension if you are continuing in the same position of employment or activity that you were granted O-1 status for in the first place.

How Can The Application Process Be Sped Up?

In order to speed up the application process for an O-1 visa, you will need to use the Premium Processing program that the USCIS has instituted. This process will include an additional fee on a separate check. By paying this fee, it guarantees that the USCIS will adjudicate the petition within 15 days. If not enough information is available, they must notify you as soon as possible. After you submit the necessary evidence, the 15 day timeframe for approval should start again.

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